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All our baked goods are made by hand from SCRATCH, with fresh, quality ingredients.

View our menu of delectable treats. All our recipes are tried-and-true. You'll be pleased you did.

We cater and we deliver within 30 miles of Atlanta. For large orders, we are willing to go a little further.

Ask us about our fundraising opportunities. We love to help.

Your day isn't complete, without something sweet! Your day isn't complete, without something sweet!
Monday 9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM - 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us during normal business hours.

What our clients are saying about us


For my father’s 50th birthday last year, my family and I dined at a famous Japanese restaurant in Atlanta and surprised Daddy with Marilyn’s lemon cake. Much to our surprise, the chef and waitress asked for a slice of the cake. My favorite cakes are the strawberry cheesecake crumb, red velvet, and cinnamon roll cakes. Her cakes are FANTASTIC!
Atty Tiffiny Robinson
Atlanta, GA
I retired from baking, and I ask my play daughter Marilyn to bake for my family, friends, and me, especially her key lime and lemon pound cakes because her cakes are great, and I highly recommend them.
Mattie White
Decatur, GA
I’m Marilyn’s favorite niece and also a baker in New Orleans. Over the years, her mother/my grandmother taught me a great deal about baking and one of my favorite cakes my aunt bakes is the key lime cake.
Alva Jones
New Orleans, LA
My husband and I have enjoyed Marilyn’s cakes over the years. During the Christmas holiday, we have purchased a fruit cake and other cakes such as chocolate layer and pound cakes. Her cakes are from scratch, they are SUPERB! My husband told her that when he gets to Heaven and if he has permission from God to speak, he will ask God if Marilyn can be his baker in Heaven.
Rev. Roy & Margie Wesley
Macon, GA
I have been highly impressed by the quality of the cakes that Marilyn created for our company work event. Everyone from our offices enjoyed the cakes (strawberry cheesecake crumb and the chocolate Oreo cookie) and the chocolate Oreo cookie cake was devoured! I appreciate the made from scratch cakes because they do not taste like any cake I have ever bought from the store. They are unique and delicious! I would highly recommend Elizabeth’s Batter in a Bowl for any party or event.
Dr. Shawn Thomas
Atlanta, GA
I ordered two cakes for my children’s Milestone Birthdays! “The Strawberry Cheesecake Crumb Cake & The Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cake!”… turned out to be “VERY SPECIAL GUESTS!” Not only were they delivered perfectly Beautiful.. but they were so Sinfully Delicious that people dining at other tables who were NOT Guests of mine; were taking photos and asking for a slice!” They were a Hit!
Rose Hudson
Duluth, GA
Sometimes, nothing but the best will satisfy your taste buds. That is how I felt when I phoned Elizabeth’s Batter In A Bowl, all the way in Atlanta, to get her pineapple filled cake. The moist, made from scratch, pineapple cake with its vibrant tropical filling was worth the 6-hour drive from Cincinnati to get it.
L. W. Oliver
Cincinnati, OH
Marilyn is a dedicated member of my church, and she provides cakes (strawberry and pineapple filled, key lime, and red velvet) for the Saturday church service, and we love them.
Dr. R. L. White, Jr.
Pastor/Founder of Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA
Gourmet pound cake on a platter. Amazing!
Elder J. C. Chandler
Lithia Springs, GA
I met Marilyn in September 2018, and she mentioned she baked cakes and showed me pictures of them, which I was very impressed. She surprised me with a carrot cake, which I told her it was the most sinfully delicious cake I have ever tasted. For Thanksgiving, she baked two coconut cakes, and my family and I loved them. For Christmas, she baked my Nana’s orange cranberry cake, and it was super good.
Ellen Kirk
Villa Rica, GA
One of my favorite cakes from Marilyn is the strawberry cheesecake crumb cake. I took the cake to a family member’s funeral repast in South Carolina that was attended by local family as well as from Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York. My family had never tasted a cake like this before, and they named it “That Cake.” They loved the cake so much that we decided to have “That Cake” at our family reunion in September.
Stephanie Thomas
Atlanta, GA
I bought quite a few different cakes from Marilyn from red velvet and carrot cakes to the strawberry cheesecake crumb cake, chocolate Oreo cookie cake, and fruit cake for birthdays and holidays. Her cakes are simply delicious, and my family, friends, and I look forward to eating her cakes.
Tahesha Silva
Hampton, GA
Marilyn’s rum cake and fruit cake were served at our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, and the cakes were a HIT!
Dr. Samuel Palmer and Will Palmer
Warner Robins, GA and Griffin, GA
My baby sister has been baking for our family for over 30 years, and we have truly enjoyed her different cakes, especially her pound and key lime cakes.
Sharon West
Denham Springs, LA
Marilyn’s caramel cake and cupcakes are so good, I told her, “You make me want to slap you in love.”
Jackie Epps
Douglasville, GA
I met Marilyn on the train while going to work, and she would give me samples of different cakes. From that time to now, she has become my baker from family reunion to birthday cakes. Her cakes are incredible!
Shannon Alexander
College Park, GA
So moist and decadent. Loved every bite!
Joann King
We call her the cake lady! If you want a special sweet for your special event... Marilyn is who you call.
Sam Wyatt
Satisfied customer
My Birthday was made perfect when I was presented with an amazing caramel cake made from my grandmother's own recipe. Shout out to my Aunt Marilyn Smith for this delectable delight.
Necrissa Dawnree Scott
Proud niece